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Book-length (fiction and non-fiction) translations enhanced by professional writing and editorial experience with deep background in financial management, engineering, and public administration. 

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Jonathan Hine's work has appeared in newspapers and magazines with a combined print circulation of more than 6 million. He is the author of Translator Education in the United States: A study of introductory classrooms in three mid-Atlantic Universities, and I Am Worth It!, Are You Bilingual? Published articles have appeared in Multilingual Computing,, ATA Chronicle, CATI Quarterly, Capital Translator, SRA Journal, OFF DUTY, Family, Panorama, the U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, the Naval War College Review and the ATA Scholarly Monograph Series. Current research includes cost analysis models for small firms and freelancers, and the evaluation of translator education programs in the United States. He presents papers on professional topics at Conferences of the ATA and other meetings of language professionals. He translated the Italian correspondence for the The Papers of Thomas Jefferson: the Retirement Series. Recent books translated include ADEA PRISME: Program and Project Information System on Education (Association for the Development of Education in Africa, Paris, 1999), and Man Is Different, by Don Zeno di Nomadelfia, with Emily Adkins (Nomdelfia Foundation, 2002), Beyond the Age of Oil by Leonardo Maugeri (Praeger, 2010), Schio: Industrial Archeology by Bernadetta Ricci (Sassi Editore 2013), Combat Aircraft, by Riccardo Niccoli (White Star, 2016),and How to Talk to Children about ISIS (Erickson, 2016).

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