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bridgesJonathan Hine, the owner of Scriptor Services LLC, has been writing, interpreting and translating professionally since 1962. Working alone and with colleagues, he offers a palette of services including:


  • Translations from Italian into English. Fiction and non-fiction books, especially texts requiring expertise in legal, financial, technical, maritime or military subjects.IMG_20151031_145408.jpg
  • Training, consulting and workshops aimed at helping freelancers and very small entrepreneurs set up and organize their businesses for profitable operation. Contact him for more information.
  • Books, including booklets to help you set up your freelance business and published translations. 
  • Helpful information about work and travel, through the blog, The Freewheeling Freelancer.

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Fiction by JT Hine

Emily & Hilda

emily & hilda-3d-expanded

Teenage bicycle phenom Emily Hampstead and retired Army nurse Hilda Paisley meet one night on a deserted road in Kansas. Hilda is crossing the USA on her bicycle; Emily is training for a major race. They part ways, not suspecting how their lives will be entwined in danger and intrigue…

Emily & Hilda is at retailers worldwide now. Order at Fiction from JT Hine

Almost all retailers include free sample chapters.


Coming in March 2020:


3D LOCKHART vignette


Joe and Nancy Lockhart are living in Rome, Italy, as the country slips into the “Years of Lead”. Nancy is an executive for a pharmaceutical company; Joe is in high school. Joe begins translating letters for Nancy’s company, which seems harmless until they are unwittingly caught up in a planned coup d’état…

Free sample Chapter 1,


Nonfiction by JT Hine

I Am Worth It! How to Set Your Price and Other Tips for Freelancers 

I Am Worth It! (paper — shipping included)

Written to help you figure out your “break-even” point, so you can turn your product or service from a money-losing hobby into a money-making business.  Paper booklet — shipping included



I Am Worth It! (PDF by email)


Are You Bilingual? Enjoy Making It Pay!

Are You Bilingual? (paper — shipping included)

Have you ever wondered what to do with your second language or if it is worth it to learn one? Whether just starting high school, entering the job market or changing careers, this book is for you.



Are You Bilingual? (PDF by email)


Books translated by JT Hine

Beyond the Age of Oil: the Myths, Realities and Future of Fossil Fuels

by Leonardo Maugeri, translated by Jonathan Hine

Beyond the Age of OilIn this eagerly awaited sequel to his prize-winning bestseller, The Age of Oil, Leonardo Maugeri, the strategy director of one of the world’s biggest energy companies, puts forward a hardheaded, concrete plan in simple everyday language for how to shift the world economy’s primary energy dependence from fossil fuels to renewable energies by 2035.

Dr. Maugeri covers the different issues so completely and clearly that when you finish the book, you can even disagree with his plan, and know why you do. Priceless for understanding the real issues.

Order on-line at: or at Barnes and Noble.

Combat Aircraft 

by Riccardo Niccoli, translated by Jonathan Hine

516q3YTWsaL._SX400_BO1,204,203,200_From the Gumman Hellcat and Boeing Flying Fortress to the Sopwith Camel, Mitsubishi Zero, and Ilyushin Sturmovik, Combat Aircraft presents the 40 most famous aircraft in history. These are the planes that had the greatest impact on the collective consciousness, and each one appears in 3-D renderings with detailed information. In addition, a 20-sheet book lets you see the machines in oversize foldouts. The engaging text leads you on a journey through time, and includes stories, curiosities, and anecdotes.

Order on-line at: or Barnes and Noble

Schio: Industrial Archeology 

by Bernardetta Ricatti, translated by Jonathan Hine

51Ol7NguuOL._SX415_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgOne of the earliest books in the new field of industrial archaeology, this volume traces the origins of the Industrial Revolution in Northern Italy and documents its structures with stunning illustrations.

Order on-line at:


JT Hine

Hine-cyclistScriptor Services LLC is a one-person shop. I am an author and translator living in North America and Europe. I grew up in Italy, and Rome is my hometown. After a 24-year naval career in cruisers and destroyers, I spent ten years at the University of Virginia as Administrator of the Physics Department then Director of Housing (Management Services). I left the University in 2000 with a PhD, to focus full-time on translating and writing.

My fiction spans genres of travel, adventure, and mystery. Emily & Hilda, the first book of its series, is available in electronic form or print. Lockhart is scheduled for publication in March 2020. Get the latest at

Non-fiction includes self-help booklets for freelancers and career-changers. My past work has appeared in newspapers and magazines with a combined print circulation of more than 6 million. Here is a partial list:


  • I Am Worth It! How to set your price and other tips for freelancers. 
  • Are You Bilingual? Enjoy making it pay. 
  • Translator Education in the United States: A study of introductory classrooms in three mid-Atlantic Universities,
  • Articles in Multilingual Computing,, ATA Chronicle, CATI Quarterly, Capital Translator, SRA Journal, OFF DUTY, Family, Panorama, the U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, the Naval War College Review and the ATA Scholarly Monograph Series.
  • Papers on professional topics at Conferences of the ATA and other meetings of language professionals.

Book translations:

  • The Italian correspondence in the The Papers of Thomas Jefferson: the Retirement Series (Princeton University Press, 2004-).
  • ADEA PRISME: Program and Project Information System on Education (Association for the Development of Education in Africa, Paris, 1999)
  • Man Is Different, by Don Zeno di Nomadelfia, with Emily Adkins (Nomdelfia Foundation, 2002)
  • Beyond the Age of Oil by Leonardo Maugeri (Praeger, 2010)
  • Schio: Industrial Archeology by Bernadetta Ricci (Sassi Editore 2013)
  • Combat Aircraft, by Riccardo Niccoli (White Star, 2016)
  • How to Talk to Children about ISIS (Erickson, pending).


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Traduzioni dall’italiano all’inglese

Il principale della Scriptor Services LLC, Jonathan Hine, già traduttore tecnico ed editoriale dal 1962, vi invita a proporre manoscritti di libri sia di narrativa sia di saggistica. Lavoriamo esclusivamente con le parti in possesso dei diritti necessari per la pubblicazione in inglese (ad es. l’editore o l’autore self-published). Visto il documento di partenza vi sarà presentato un preventivo scritto per approvazione prima di cominciare. Tutti i termini del progetto sono da concordare.

Se avete bisogno di traduzione tecnica di documenti commerciali, giuridici, finanziari, scolastici, ecc. con le date di consegna già fisse, vi invitiamo a contattare un collega dell’Associazione Americana Traduttori (ATA) che potete raggiungere qui.

Per ulteriori informazioni, si prega di usare il modulo di contatto