LIMITED OFFER: Books on sale!

We work with books. We translate them, publish them, write them. And we support bicycling in all its forms.

There are two special events this week close to those activities:

Wednesday, 30 September is National Translation Day, a celebration promoted by UNESCO. Joe Lockhart is a translator.

The League of American Bicyclists celebrates the National Bicycle Challenge throughout the month of September. This group works tirelessly to make the USA bike-friendly.

In honor of these events, Lockhart and Emily & Hilda will be on sale for a full month. Pricing varies by retailer, with Smashwords offering the best deal on eBooks (USD 1,25 – Code LJ88L)) and Amazon on the print versions (price varies by location).

Quick links: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords

You may support your local indie bookstore by ordering through, which is also discounted.

For more details about each book, click here for the author’s site.


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